How a Collection of Vintage Jewelry Changed a Life

Interview met Heleen van Elburg gepubliceerd op FAB Lifestyle.

Dutch businesswoman, Heleen van Elburg is the strong woman behind the company Vintage & Costume Jewelry, as well as the owner of a business consulting company in the Netherlands.

About ten years ago, Heleen fell in love with the beautiful jewelry collection of the fifties, sixties, and seventies with a preference for the collection of Dior from the fifties and sixties. Dior’s designs are both absolutely amazing and highly sought after by collectors. Another favorite brand is Trifari, from its beginnings in the early 1930s, the brand expanded into one the most well-known and respected manufacturers of costume jewelry.

At first, Heleen started to collect pieces for herself until her collection got a bit out of hand. Nowadays you can find Heleen at high-end trade fairs, she also participates in fashion shows and gives lectures.

Heleen travels the world in search of the most unusual, beautiful and special costume jewelry pieces and sets. As a member of Costume Jewellery Collectors International, her network stretches around the world. One of her major goals is to share her knowledge about these beautiful and inspiring designs.

What is it that makes costume jewelry so fascinating that we have to own at least one of these special designs? Costume jewelry has both the look and feel of real jewelry but instead is made of either gold- or silver-plated designs with rhinestones or aurora borealis stones. The high quality of the stones and the originality of the designs gives the feeling of owning something very special for a reasonable price.

Heleen is driven to become one of the best companies and advisors in the world of costume jewelry, and she loves telling her story:’ Costume Jewellery lets everybody shine!’

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